US Militaria WWI and Earlier




US WWI Sergeant's Stripes

This is a set us US WWI Sergeant's stripes. Nice condition, no moth holes.

Price: $15.00

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US WWI M1917 Helmet

This is a US WWI helmet.  It is a battlefield relic.  I has no liner or strap and it is rusty.  It shows damage from a bullet or shrapnel on the top

Price: $35.00


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US Ross Rifle Bayonet

This is a US marked Canadian MKI Ross rifle bayonet.  These were purchased by the US along with Ross rifles during WWI.  This one has a US and an ordnance bomb on both the knife handle and the scabbard.  The knife and scabbard are also marked with Canadian proof marks including a 1-10 (maybe a manufacture date?)  The handle and guard have a nice brown patina.  The blade has some black marks in places there are no large dings to the cutting edge of the blade.  There is a chip of wood missing from the handle and the metal on that side of the blade looks like it has been used to pound something

Price: $150.00 

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